Tom Schulze - Fotograf

SunGene GmbH - Checking genetically altered plants
Ersol Solar Energy AG - Production of thin-layer photovoltaics modules
juwi Holding AG - Solar modules in an energy park in Waldpolenz
Wafer with micro chips in a cleanroom at X-FAB in Erfurt
Carl Zeiss AG - Examining a lens
Carl Zeiss AG - Grinding and polishing machine for optical lenses
European Energy Exchange AG
DOW Olefinverbund GmbH - Facility Böhlen
MIBRAG GmbH - Conveyer belts at the Vereinigtes Schleenhain opencast mine
IFA Gruppe Magdeburg - Drive shafts for the automobile industry
Analytik Jena AG - Analysis of contents
IDT Biologika GmbH - Laboratory Assistants in a clean room
Halloren Schokoladenfabrik AG - Production of filled chocolate balls
Firm portrait of the Siemens Enterprise Communications Manufacturing GmbH - Facility in Leipzig